April 28, 2016



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We all want to be healthier and...

April 27, 2016


A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get Published for Any Writer


Having coached aspiring writers for years and being an author of several books, I thought I knew most everything in the ever-changing world of publication.  When I read Roland Allnach’s The Writer’s Primer,...

April 27, 2016




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The Gift of Rejection

“You’re too tall, you’re too short, you’re too pretty, you’re to...

April 22, 2016


By Cynthia Brian



“ Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky” Kahlil Gibran

It was a glorious sunny day, almost mocking the tragedy that was to come. As my grandfather mowed his lawn - something he'd done many times before - the limb of a diseased elm tree came cr...