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Express Yourself!™ TEEN Radio

Hosts and Reporters of Be the Star you Are charity
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Kenneth Jeon,Express Yourself Teen Radio Reporter and Host
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Arjin Claire-Express Yourself1 Teen Radio Reporter
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"It has been an amazing experience being a host for Express Yourself! Cynthia Brian has been such a positive and uplifting person that I look forward to interacting with her every week. Being a host on this show has significantly increased my confidence, and I would like to thank her for that." Diya Hituvalli,  Reporter/Host

"Thank you so much Ms. Brian for inspiring and motivating me, and always being there for me! I love hosting!" Sharanya Roy, Host/Reporter

"I love being on the radio and I’m really glad I have this opportunity. Cynthia Brian is so sweet and supportive and always makes such a fun environment to work in." Ruhani Chhabra, Host/Reporter

"Through BTSYA and Express Yourself, I started to think more deeply about my everyday life and past memories. I put more meaning into my words and decisions, and value experiences in a way that I hadn’t before. I love how Express Yourself explores every topic out there, diving into each one with a conversational style, yet hitting all the necessary points and questions." Katie Choo, Writer/Host/Reporter


"This experience with BTSYA, Starstyle®, and Express Yourself!™ has given me insight on what it means to have a voice and what you can do with it. I have been able to skyrocket my public speaking skills, giving me the confidence to speak my opinion with passion. I've made so many great friends with this show and I've become a part of a wonderful family. Thank you Be the Star You Are!" Asya Gonzalez, Writer/Host/Reporter


“Working on Express Yourself! has honed my skills as a journalist to effectively report on a vast variety of topics. I have learned to think-on-the-go and to roll with the punches. Between technology issues or last-minute guest cancellations, this radio experience has really taught me that, no matter what, I can shine! If only the whole world could have a mentor as heroic and life-changing as you, Cynthia Brian!”

Henna Hundal, Writer/Host/Reporter (Read about Henna at Harvard)

"Since I was a child I was interested in media and communications. Cynthia Brian gave me the chance to really experience what radio and writing for a local newspaper was like. I never thought I'd be able to host an internationally recognized teen radio program. My love for radio and journalism has solidified because of Cynthia Brian and Be the Star You Are!. I am forever thankful for the opportunities and doors Cynthia has opened for me." Youngjoo Ahn,  Writer/Host/Reporter

"Through this nonprofit, I am able to express my love for broadcast journalism, raise awareness about prevalent global issues, and grow in my confidence as an aspiring journalist. THANK YOU so much again Cynthia!! Being a part of this team was the best decision I have made. I love it so much and your presence always uplifts my spirits no matter what kind of day I am having. I am so grateful for you!😃😃" Andrea Smith, Writer/Host/Reporter

Expressing Gratitude for Radio - Henna Hundal
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Watch Express Yourself! host, Joven Hundal, on Central Valley TV.

"I’ll always be using the skills you’ve taught me, Cynthia, so thank you so much for all the opportunities!" Joven writes.





Teens Talk and the World Listens!


Express Yourself!™ is a radio show for, by and about teens. It is THE destination for teens to have their voices heard and their creativity promoted since 2011!


Express Yourself!™ is an highly entertaining radio program where passion, productivity, and possibility populate the airwaves.  Tune in Sundays 3 PM PT on Voice America Empowerment Channel




Hosted by a brilliant team of teenage field reporters from across the United States, Express Yourself!™ is THE destination for unedited, uncensored teen talk. If you want to know what the young people of the world are thinking, doing, and being, add Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio to your weekly listening.

Express Yourself!™ is the #1 youth radio broadcast in the world. 




Find out more about our Express Yourself!™ reporters topics and listen to the current show at our Express Yourself!™ Creative Community.

Produced by Cynthia Brian,  Starstyle® Productions, LLC and under the auspices of Be the Star You Are!® charity.

Funding has been provided by California Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) aspart of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act economic stability plan of 2020. 






Keep Empowering Radio Broadcasting by

Making a tax-deductible DONATION through PAYPAL GIVING FUND. 100% goes to Be the Star You Are!® charity.

Express YourSelf Teen Radio airs on The Voice America Kids Network Tuesdays at NOON PT
Teens Talk, The World Listens -
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Express Yourself Sundays 3pm PT - Voice America Empowerment
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What Teens Say!
Host/Reporter - Ryan Sim
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Host/Reporter - Caiseen Kelly
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Host/Reporter - Katelyn Darrow
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Henna Hundal-Express Yourself! ClipHenna Hundal
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How to Become a Teen Reporter - Voice America Kids Network
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For information about becoming a guest, sponsor, teen host, or to comment, email the show.

be the star you are charity is a top rated non profit in america
teens talk and the world listens at be the star you are express yourself radio

"Cynthia, you are serving our world in such an incredible way, helping young people to express themselves in positive and healthy ways, not to mention helping all of us to "Be the Stars we Are!"  It is such a gift to know and work with you," Dr. Don Martin, Founder and CEO,  Grad School Road Map


"Nihal is loving teen radio, and we want to thank you for having such an amazing opportunity for these young ones to reach out and make a difference." Host Nihal Gill's Mom

"Thank you so much for giving Sharanya this opportunity. Thanks Ms. Brian for your guidance and for creating such a great platform for youth to showcase their potential. This is amazing!" Reporter Sharanya Roy's Parents

"You are so awesome Cynthia . I have heard you on the show . You are so graceful and positive and always boosting confidence in kids. I really appreciate all your sincere efforts, suport, and encouragement in helping these teens who are our future. Ruhani told me many times that you are so amazing . Thanks so much again." Host Ruhani Chhabra's Mom

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