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“You ARE the #1 host in the world! Jennifer Hessler, Krupp Communications

"Thank you for a wonderful interview on StarStyle®! I appreciated your detailed and thoughtful questions. They were unique and it was obvious you had studied my book. I loved  your curiosity and linking specific content from the book with real life examples. That helped the material to come alive and be practical for your listeners, which is my goal" Sandy Robertson, author, Why Am i Eating This?


You all are very positive.  It was enjoyable to listen to and I like how you emphasize to take the high road in all things.  It's a good practice.” Jeff Biletnikoff, Publicist

“Hope is something that a lot of people are searching for right now.  Thank you for the light that you add to the world… they really could use it! “ Marianne Pestana, Literary Publicist & Radio Host

"Thank you for being a light in the world! I love the work you are doing."  Michele Neff Hernandez, CEO, Soaring Spirits International

"Hi Cynthia. I guested on a podcast today which *really* made me appreciate your talents as a host! 🙄" Roslyn Reid, Author

"I appreciate you, your platform and your professionalism." Ruthi Davis, Marketing & Strategic Communications Consultant, IConnectYou

“It was a great time and I really enjoyed your energy and approach. Thank you again!” Dave Gerber, Synergy Development and Training

"What an awesome interview! Florence had such a wonderful time on the show with you." Amanda Tunison, Steve Allen Media

“I was so impressed with Joven's professionalism. What a treat for me! Your show is really a gift to the world.” Mary DeMocker, Author of Parent’s Guide to Climate Revolution


“I've heard all of our authors on your show, it's so wonderful you have those archives so readily available. I refer everyone to your site. Thanks for great interviews.” Paulette Villegas, publicist, Booth Media Group


“We have booked many guests on Be The Star You Are! We love Cynthia-she gives a wonderful interview.” Christianna Capra, Head Publicist,  Krupp Communications, New York


“We've worked with Cynthia for years now and she is a truly a wonderful host and producer who goes above and beyond from the minute she books the interview until even after it's aired. She is thorough, prepared, and always does a great interview on the show giving our authors great exposure and a stimulating conversation to boot.  Most of all though, she's a pleasure to work with and really cares about building relationships, follow up and taking the time to do it "right."

Leslie Rossman, Open Book Publicity


"Cynthia Brian's Starstyle-Be the Star You Are! is one of the best radio programs on the airwaves today. As a publicist, I have always appreciated Cynthia's expert interviewing skills, her professionalism, and her passionate interest in the field of personal growth. Most importantly to me, my authors have raved about their experience as guests. She truly knows how to bring out the best!"-

Katie McMillan, Publicity Director, Inner Ocean Publishing


“Thank you so much Cynthia--I just listened to your interview with Syrie James (author of The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte) and it's wonderful!” Christine Maddalena, Publicist, Harper Collins


“Thank you for being so kind! I love working with you and all of my authors thoroughly enjoy their interviews on your programs.”Kathleen Carter Zrelak, publicist, Goldberg McDuggie Communications


“The interview was fantastic!” Lucy Baker, Publicist, Guilford Press


“THANK YOU for everything, Emily Tepe (The Edible Landscape) really enjoyed the interview and speaking with you.” Steve Roth, PR/Quayside Publishing

“What a delightful time spent with all yesterday.  Thank you for your interest in my book and the charming way you’re reaching out to teens around the world.” Ann Brode, Author Body Wisdom


“Thank you so much for the opportunity Cynthia.  Mark di Vincenzo (Buy Shoes on Wednesday) had a really good time and Peter Eisner  (The Pope’s Last Crusade) was so pleased with his experience. Your enthusiasm for the books really comes across. ” Camille Collins, Publicist, William Morrow 


“I greatly appreciate all of the work you do and the opportunity you give my clients to share their stories.” Kathleen Carter Zrelak, Publicist


“The interview with Mandalyn Carlson sounded great! We shared it all over Facebook” Steven Le Vine, Grapevine PR


Henna is a fabulous host! Thank you, I had a fabulous time.” Denise Jaden, Author of Foreign Exchange


“Mary was absolutely charmed by her experience on your show! “ Jane Putch, publicist for Mary Nethery

“Thank you! It was a great experience and I look forward to sharing!” Kelsey Crowe, There Isn’t a Card for That

"Being on Express Yourself was so much fun! They have the most kind hearted people there and the presenters are super cool! Lydia Singer, English Teen Pop Star




Positive, Uplifting, Life-Changing Talk Radio with StarStyle and Express Yourself Teen Radio Shows
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