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Welcome to Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® with your host Cynthia Brian broadcasting LIVE every Wednesday from 4-5pm PT on the Voice America Network, Empowerment Channel.  This program seeds, stimulates, and supports space for positive, meaningful conversations. Join our Power Party for a lively hour of fun, information, and edu-tainment.  

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Cynthia Brian hosts an Hour of Power on StarStyle

Election Results, Life over Death, Teen CyberBullying

November 04, 2020


Cynthia Brian continues broadcasting with Wednesdays with Writers and Entertainers as a way to give authors, actors, artists, and creatives a platform to promote their work during the pandemic when their events have been canceled. This outreach is part of Operation Disaster Relief through Be the Star You Are! t01 c3 charity. Make a donation at


A conversation about the election, even though the results may not be known. Who will be in the White House in January? Who will occupy the House and the Senate. We will share what we know.

In 1987, honoring her father’s wishes, author Leslie Sussan, with her young daughter, followed his footsteps to Japan to meet the survivors he had filmed more than 40 years before.  Her book, Choosing Life shares a personal journey to answer a simple, yet not easy life question: what gives some people the strength to choose life when faced with unspeakable horrors?


During the pandemic teen has been socializing more via the internet. Major crisis creates stress and depression which is leading to increased cyberbullying among adolescents. Are you monitoring your teen’s online presence? 


Bio: Leslie Sussan

This is a story I was born to tell but it took most of my life to do it. Like my father, I was born and raised in New York City. During college in the early 1970s, I was active in the peace and civil rights movements and was one of the founders of the Gray Panthers. My father, Herbert Sussan, filmed the aftermath of the atomic bombings, only to see the footage buried as top secret for decades.  He believed that the American people could only be mobilized to stop nuclear weapons if they fully understood their human meaning in living color. But the years embittered him. As a young person, I saw him as a hypocrite sitting on the wrong side of the generation gap because he did not embrace my activism and oppose the Vietnam War or support my interracial marriage. 

After he became ill with a cancer he attributed to his time in the atom-bombed cities, he began speaking out for the first time. His last wish was that his ashes be scattered at Ground Zero in Hiroshima. I went to Japan in 1987 with my little girl (then 4). I found myself, like my father, deeply drawn to Hiroshima and spent a year there coming to know survivors who remembered being filmed by my father more than 40 years earlier. And, to my surprise, I also came to know who my father was before he was haunted by the images he saw and could not share. It took me thirty more years to find the right way to share the first-person accounts that my father and the hikakusha (the Japanese word for the survivors) had entrusted to me, but now they are available at last for readers as the world commemorates the 75th anniversary of the bombings -- and again faces hard choices about nuclear weapons. 


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Nature Halloween, Damned if She Does, Friendship

October 28, 2020

During this season, life is about the kids. This is a time of magic, wonder, and things that go bump in the night. Halloween has always been a favorite holiday for most children in the United States but this year, Halloween, the way it has been celebrated for decades, is canceled. 

How about celebrating a nature Halloween?


Right in time to give a final push for the Biden-Harris ticket, Irish author Kathleen Kelley Reardon shares her newest novel, Damned If She Does, as it ”artfully stirs" what Kirkus Reviews describes as a "dangerous cauldron of ambitious scholars." "Informed and searing" in her "takedown of ivory tower politics," Reardon makes us work for answers throughout the "page-turning scenes" of this MeToo whodunit. She writes in her blog, “No use dignifying Trump’s sexist low blows. Better to make him squirm.” 


We confuse our many acquaintances and business associates with "friends." We go for quantity, not quality. True friends are among the most important people in one’s life. Cynthia Brian reads, The Gift of Friendship, from her award winning book, Be the Star You Are!® 99 gifts for Living, Loving, Laughing, and Learning to Make a Difference. When you have such a friend, you have the greatest gift in the world.


Don’t Forget to VOTE for DECENCY and DEMOCRACY!




BIO: Kathleen Kelley Reardon

Kathleen Kelley Reardon, professor, writer and artist, has published ten nonfiction books and two crime mysteries. Her debut novel, Shadow Campus, was described by Forbes as “fast-paced” and a “masterful debut.” Damned If She Does (2020), a Manhattan-based sequel described by Kirkus as “informed and searing,” was selected for their September 2020 “Great Indie Books Worth Discovering.” Kathleen is a member of the Ireland Chapter of the International Women’s Forum. She lives in Schull, West Cork Ireland where the upcoming third book in her crime mystery trilogy takes place.A professor of business and communication, Kathleen has published extensively in journals, magazines, and was a signature front-page blogger with Huffington Post from 2005 to 2016.  Nonfiction can inform fiction - as did her nonfiction writing about challenges women face in hostile workplaces before writing her novels Shadow Campus and Damned If She Does.



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Time Management, Birdnesting, Women, Work, and Covid

October 21, 2020

Time management can be challenging any time, but with the pandemic, working from home, and the stress of all of it, it may feel overwhelming. Cynthia Brian offers tips on how to refresh, be calm, and get your to-do list done.


“Birdnesting” refers to an arrangement where parents alternate time in the family home and take turns being “on duty” with their children while moving toward separation or divorce. The children stay in the home full time, which gives them more time to adapt to changes in the family. Author of  The Parent’s Guide to Birdnesting , Ann Gold Buscho, PhD will show you how to succeed.


Women have already lost a disproportionate number of jobs due to the pandemic. More women, especially mothers, indicate they may have to quit working. This decision has long term consequences. We’ll look at the data surrounding the “double shift”.


Bio: Ann Gold Buscho


Ann Gold Buscho, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in family issues and issues related to divorce, parenting, parenting planning, and co-parenting counseling. She has professional and personal experience in nesting, co-parenting, stepparenting, and single-parenting issues. She works closely with family law professionals to help clients resolve their divorce privately and respectfully. She presents widely at state and national conferences for lawyers, mental health and financial experts on Collaborative Divorce, forgiveness practices, nesting during divorce, and consensual dispute resolution. She co-founded a treatment program for emergency responders where she volunteers regularly. Her husband is a retired police office and psychologist. When not at work, she enjoys her children, grandchildren, hiking, and writing her next book. The Parent’s Guide to Birdnesting is Dr. Buscho’s first book.


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Risky Business, If You Tame Me, Secondhand

October 14, 2020

SAG/AFTRA member Cynthia Brian continues Wednesdays with Writers and Performers on StarStyle® giving authors, actors, artists, and entertainers who have had their live performances and events canceled due to Covid-19 a platform to shine. Find out how brilliant our world talent is right here on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!


To grow healthy, nutritional produce, farmers work daily, rain or shine, in every season, to provide city dwellers with sustenance. They get paid when they sell their harvest, yet it only takes one natural disaster to destroy their year-long labors and erase the opportunity for remuneration. Farming is a risky business. Cynthia Brian knows first hand.


If You Tame Me by Kathie Giorgio, is an unlikely combination of iguanas, parakeets, poltergeists and ex-wives, online dating sites and shady movies, a reality TV president and different definitions of feminist, old friends and new friends. The familiar and unfamiliar come together in a romp mixed with heartfelt discussions on serious topics.


Consumers are buying second hand clothing more than ever before. Why? Two reasons: top labels, bargain prices. Major retailers are getting into the game. Find out who, what, where, and why!



Bio: Kathie Giorgio

KATHIE GIORGIO is the author of five novels, two story collections, a collection of essays, and two poetry chapbooks. A full-length poetry collection, No Matter Which Way You Look, There Is More To See, will be released in September 2020. Giorgio’s short stories and poetry have appeared in hundreds of literary magazines and anthologies. She’s been nominated for the Pushcart Prize in fiction and poetry and awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Wisconsin Library Association, the Silver Pen Award for Literary Excellence, the Pencraft Award for Literary Excellence, and the Eric Hoffer Award In Fiction. She is the director and founder of the international creative writing studio, AllWriters’ Workplace & Workshop LLC. She lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin, with her husband, writer Michael Giorgio, her 19-year old daughter Olivia, a neurotic dog named after Ursula LeGuin, a fat cat named Edgar Allen Paw, and a tiny cat named Muse.



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Ready to Evacuate, Daring, Dazzling, Divine, Flu and Blood Pressure

October 07, 2020

SAG/AFTRA member Cynthia Brian continues Wednesdays with Writers and Performers on StarStyle® giving authors, actors, artists, and entertainers who have had their live performances and events canceled due to Covid-19 a platform to shine. Find out how brilliant our world talent is right here on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!



Natural disasters know no boundaries. One never knows if a fire, earthquake, flood, mudslide, or other calamity is on the horizon. It’s imperative to be prepared for all emergencies. Because of climate change and global warming, we can be assured that our future will include more widespread, frequent, devastating, and deadly natural disasters. 


Daring, Dazzling, Divine by Sherry Brier is a collection of interviews, articles, and speeches about women who desired to change their life, overcame obstacles and are living the more fulfilling lives they envisioned. The intention in writing this book is to introduce as many women and girls as possible to, an online library of women’s wisdom to inspire, educate, and motivate women the world over.


The flu is a very contagious disease that usually spreads between October and May. anyone can get the flu but it is especially dangerous for infants, the elderly, and those with a weakened immune system. Find out more about the vaccine and also how to take your blood pressure at home.


BIO: Sherry Brier is a lifelong successful entrepreneur for 30 years who is passionate about inspiring women to reach their highest potential. She is founder and director of, the largest online video library of women’s wisdom to inspire, educate, and motivate. She is an inspirational speaker, female leader, international best seller, and dance instructor, choreographer, company director and concert producer. With a degree in Creative Arts Education, Sherry is the author of Doorway to Ecstasy: A Dancer’s Initiation, a fascinating spiritual adventure and detailed teaching manual of transformational dance and performance.  Her latest  book is DARING, DAZZLING, DIVINE: Secrets to Rock Your Life.



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Hannah’s War, Smoke Taint & Spaghetti Sauce, Flu & Safely Re-Beginning

September 30, 2020

A vivid, page-turning and inspiring re-imagination of the final months of World War II, and the brilliant researchers behind the first atomic bomb, Hannah's War is an unforgettable love story about an exceptional woman, and the dangerous power of her greatest discovery. Film director and author Jan Eliasberg guests on StarStyle® correcting the historical record to enable others to see that “history is filled with remarkable women of towering achievement and of deep humanism.”


Smoke taint is concentrated in the skins of grapes and during fermentation glycosides break down, releasing the volatile phenols and smoky flavors into the wine. The result tastes like licking an ashtray. California has endured endless fires. Cynthia Brian discusses the damage to viticulture and how she is going indoors to make a heritage spaghetti sauce,


The coronavirus has limited gatherings and jaunts for most of the world. While some people obey the mandates, others do not. The virus is still deadly. Cynthia Brian explains the guide for staying safe while we venture out. 


It's flu season and we are still in the midst of a pandemic. The dual threat of contracting the flu and Covid-19 have experts warning of a “twindemic” that could have a big population sick and overwhelm medical workers and hospitals. Find out what you need to know about the flu. Get a flu shot as it’s going to be a season of flu and pandemic. 


Bio: JAN ELIASBERG is an award-winning screenwriter and director. of film and television Her prolific career includes writing and directing dramatic pilots for CBS, NBC, and ABC. She was hand-picked by Michael Mann as the first woman to direct Miami Vice and Wiseguy; as well as countless episodes of TV series, including Thirteen Reasons Why, Bull, Nashville, Parenthood, The Magicians, Blue Bloods, NCIS: Los Angeles, Supernatural, and numerous others; Her debut feature film Past Midnight, starred Paul Giamatti, the late Natasha Richardson, and the late Rutger Hauer. Throughout her tenure as a celebrated screenwriter, Eliasberg has written films driven by strong female leads, including Fly Girls about the Women Air Service Pilots in World War II for Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz. Eliasberg received her B.A. from Wesleyan University, Magna Cum Laude, and holds MFAs from the Yale School of Drama in Directing and the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson in Fiction. A native New Yorker, Eliasberg currently lives in New York City.


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Saving the Ocean, Supermodel Eugenia Kuzmina, Teens and Covid

September 23, 2020

Humans owe our lives to the ocean. Marine life produces 70% of or oxygen and almost 50% of the world depends on food from the sea. But the ocean is dying. We are harvesting fish faster than they can regenerate, and climate change is causing an irreversible damage. Cynthia Brian will look at how we can preserve the ecosystem for our survival.


Russian Supermodel Eugenia Kuzmina is also an actress and comedian. Kuzmina has appeared on the covers of and in the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, British GQ, W, Elle, Self, Shape, Genlux, Nylon, Glamour, Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar (Europe), Oyster, Paper and countless other publications. She’ll talk about moving to America, launching an acting career, and her foray into comedy.


Are teens being irresponsible because they ignore mandates regarding Covid-19 or is there a neurobiological issue in their brain giving them a craving to socialize without precautions? It may not be a valid argument for being unsafe, but we’ll investigate the science behind the theory. 


Bio: Eugenia Kuzmina is a Russian-American actress, comedian, and model. Her father was a renowned nuclear physicist, who was one of the first responders to the Chernobyl disaster. Her mother is a former scientist and a housewife. Eugenia grew up on food lines in Post Soviet time. She was training to be a professional ice skater when at 13 years old she was pulled out from a group of kids in her school to appear in a Russian version of SNL "Eralash." She was then cast to appear in Chuck Norris film, but couldn't leave the country due to visa issues. After appearing in commercials for Coca Cola, L'Oréal and Wrigleys in Moscow, for which she was paid more than her scientist dad, she was noticed by a scout at Nathalie Models Europe. She signed a contract and moved to Paris at 15 to work with such brands as Cartier, Dior, Armani, Hermes, Loreal, Vogue among many others.Eugenia is very passionate about comedy and writes and performs Stand Up regularly at The Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory. Her other hobbies include motorcycles, doing her own stunts, languages (French, Portuguese) , and supporting environmental causes around the world. Kuzmina resides in Los Angeles with her husband Bill Block ( Miramax CEO )and three children.




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Dreaming the Marsh, Travel Insurance during Covid-19, Planting for Fall

September 16, 2020

SAG/AFTRA member Cynthia Brian continues Wednesdays with Writers and Performers on StarStyle® giving authors, actors, artists, and entertainers who have had their live performances and events canceled due to Covid-19 a platform to shine. Find out how brilliant our world talent is right here on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!®


Dreaming the Marsh is an environmental fable that is uniquely Floridian by Elizabeth McCulloch. Mother Nature has had enough and a day of reckoning is coming, foretold by words that mysteriously appear on the side of a shiny new building.


If you’ve been sheltering mostly at home for the past six months, you are probably getting wanderlust. But before you travel anywhere, you need to do your homework. And it’s a good idea to buy travel insurance that will include specifications for Covid-19.


Between the brutal pandemic, perverse politics, sizzling heat, and suffocating smoke, we all have a reason to despair. Now more than ever, we need large doses of humor, hope, and healing. Let’s employ kindness and empathy for one another as we prepare for planting autumn bulbs and seeds. This is the season to start making a list of what you want to grow for the forthcoming months.


Bio: Elizabeth McCulloch

Elizabeth McCulloch was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lived in New England, the Midwest, Canada, and the South before putting down roots and finding her home in Gainesville, Florida. Previously a lawyer, then a teacher, she has had children of various stripes: one born, two foster, one step, and the granddaughter she is now raising with her husband. She has long been an activist on poverty issues, and for eighteen years helped run a homeless outreach van and food pantry. Elizabeth has been writing and seeking publication for over thirty years. At her website,, she has two illustrated blogs. The Feminist Grandma contains personal essays on friends, family, aging and whatever delights or irks her. In Big Books from Small Presses she primarily reviews books which are not well-known. Dreaming the Marsh is her first novel.

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21st Anniversary of Be the Star You Are!®, Magical Universe of the Ancients, Masking & Flu

September 09, 2020

SAG/AFTRA member Cynthia Brian continues Wednesdays with Writers and Performers on StarStyle® giving authors, actors, artists, and entertainers who have had their live performances and events canceled due to Covid-19 a platform to shine. Find out how brilliant our world talent is right here on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!®


Today is the 21st Anniversary of Be the Star You Are!® charity receiving its 501 c3 designation. On 9/9/99 Be the Star You Are!® launched its first programs for literacy although it had been working a for a year previous through another nonprofit. Find out all of the good that this small grassroots charity has done for women, families, and youth around the world. Congratulations to all of the volunteers and supporters for being part of this generous organization of empowerment. 


The Magical Universe of the Ancients: A Desert Journal illustrates in photographs and words the distant past and the wild and stunning vistas of the present. The mysteries of this ancient land and its peoples inspired Julie Weston and Gerry Morrison to journey into the desert over a period of years seeking the geology, the ruins, the rock art, and answers to their questions.


It's flu season and we are still in the midst of a pandemic. The dual threat of contracting the flu and Covid-19 have experts warning of a “twindemic” that could have a big population sick and overwhelm medical workers and hospitals. Find out what you need to know about the flu.


How do masks fight Covid-19? Masks have become a symbol of partisan politics as well as the acknowledgment that life as we knew it is gone. Are masks effective? Who do they protect? Why is something so small so controversial? What kind of mask is best? Wearing a mask is not a sign of weakness but a sign of caring. If we want to overcome this virus, we have to all be in this together for the better good. Wear a mask when in public, PLEASE! 


Bio: Julie Weston’s publications include three mysteries set in 1920s Idaho and a memoir of place about an Idaho mining town. Her awards include Honorable Mention in the 2009 Idaho Book of the Year Award, the 2017 WILLA Literary Award for Historical Fiction, the 2019 Idaho Writers Conference Non-fiction Memoir Competition Winner, and the 2019 Bronze Foreword INDIES Award for Mystery. Gerry Morrison’s photographs have been published on book covers and in magazines. He states: “I strive to capture moments when light is painting a scene in a unique or attractive way. Landscapes, people, still life or flowers come to life with light, and that is why I photograph.” For this book, Gerry used a large format Linhof Technica 4x5, a Hasselblad 2-1/4, a Leicaflex R6, and a Nikon digital camera. , 


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Dog Days, Etiquette for Runaways, Not Usual Business

September 02, 2020

SAG/AFTRA member Cynthia Brian continues Wednesdays with Writers and Performers on StarStyle® giving authors, actors, artists, and entertainers who have had their live performances and events canceled due to Covid-19 a platform to shine. Find out how brilliant our world talent is right here on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!



Our dogs watch us eat and they may be inclined to want to join the party. Use caution and knowledge when feeding your canine anything but dog food. Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian, romps with Rover through the garden with tips on how to create compost, dry herbs, and keep our pooches safe. 


A sweeping Jazz Age tale of regret, ambition, and redemption inspired by true events, Etiquette for Runaways by debut novelist Liza Nash Taylor includes the Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935 and Josephine Baker’s 1925 Paris debut in Le Revue Nègre.


More people are unemployed today than in the last 100 years. Businesses are taking extreme measures to ride out what is expected to be a long haul. How can we join forces to build a healthy, sustainable world?




Bio:  Liza Nash Taylor

Liza Nash Taylor was a 2018 Hawthornden International Fellow and received an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts the same year. She was the 2016 winner of the San Miguel Writer’s Conference Fiction Prize. Her work has appeared in Gargoyle Magazine; Deep South, and others. ETIQUETTE FOR RUNAWAYS is her first novel. A second will follow in 2021.  A native Virginian, she lives in Keswick with her husband and dogs, in an old farmhouse which serves as a setting for her novels.

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