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"Cynthia, you warm my heart.  I thank you for what you and your daughter do with your non-profit show for so many people, particularly young people across the world." Miriam Herin, Award Winning Author

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Hello power partners and welcome to radio’s finest hour of positive talk, StarStyle®, brought to you by the positive media message charity, BE THE STAR YOU ARE!® 


This is the hour of power with authors and experts who will expand and enhance your life. Hosted by New York Times best selling author, Cynthia Brian, you'll be inspired, encouraged, motivated, and edu-tained. 


Get ready to pump your energy, love, live, laugh, lead, and learn to make a difference. Grab a cup of tea, pull up a chair, and let’s get this party started!


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Cynthia Brian & Heather Brittany, Hosts, Voice America Network, Empowerment Channel

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Welcome to Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® with your host Cynthia Brian broadcasting LIVE every Wednesday from 4-5pm PT on the Voice America Network, Empowerment Channel.  This program seeds, stimulates, and supports space for positive, meaningful conversations. Join our Power Party for a lively hour of fun, information, and edu-tainment.  

                     “Love your radio show. It is so positive and up lifting” Jackson Madnick, Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed.



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Cynthia Brian hosts an Hour of Power on StarStyle

April Fool’s Day, Sow Spring, Beating Bullies

April 01, 2020

There will be no LIVE show today on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!®! Or, will there? April Fool’s Joke? With all the fake news in the media, we are not about to add more, but we will tell you the origins of this jester holiday.


Spring has sprung and it’s time to sow seeds. What are the essentials of gardening that you’ll need to dig deeper? You’ll discover tips to designing a personal project with the help of Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian.


If your child is being bullied, what are the signs? Although we may not be able to control bullying, we can mitigate the inflicted damage. Find steps to help your child through the torment. 


“I know that the seeds I sow I will harvest, because every action, good or bad, is always followed by an equal reaction. I will plant only good seeds this day."

Og Mandino


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Easing Anxiety, Procrastination, Decline of Writing Profession

March 25, 2020

Are you feeling anxious about the Covid-19 virus or any other events happening indoor life? There are steps you can take to alleviate your stress and anxiety. Breathe!


Are you a procrastinator? There could be genetic influences at work besides just not being organized or a planner. Dopamine could have something to do with procrastination.


The Author’s Guild, the nation’s largest and oldest nonprofit professional association for published writers and journalists, details the underlying social, economic and technological factors contributing to the ongoing decline of author incomes.

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Spring Forward, Car Theft, Medicine Makeover

March 18, 2020

Spring is on the horizon. The vernal equinox is only three days away. Other than the copious dancing daffodils, nothing spells spring more than abundant camellia blooms, the eye-catching Chinese fringe shrub, and the fragrance of both freesia and hyacinth. Garden chores performed in the fall is paying dividends now. Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian, walks you through the spring blossoms.



Has your car ever been broken into? Do you know auto theft techniques that could protect your possessions? Taking precautions will keep your car from being stolen and protect your safety.


When you open your medicine cabinet, what do you see? Over-the-counter medications can ease several everyday ailments. It is a good idea to have certain medications readily on hand. It’s also good to discard any expired pills or prescriptions. Find out what to keep and what to toss.

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Covid-19 Update, Times Up & Actor’s Workplace Safety, CBD for Insomnia 

March 11, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) has of today declared Covid-19 a pandemic. Cynthia Brian will update listeners on the latest news from WHO and the CDC and provide the symptoms to watch for in the virus. 


Times Up was born in Hollywood and the #MeToo movement has traveled the US. Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty of rape and sexual assault in Manhattan with more charges pending in Los Angeles. By speaking up and out, voices are being heard and changes are being made. Cynthia Brian will talk about actors rights as well as what can be expected in the shooting workplace with the new personal safety rules for auditions as well as on set requirements. SAG/AFTRA are at the forefront of new regulations and enforcement. If you are a thespian, you deserve to know your rights. Resources and guides will be offered in this episode to protect you from harassment. Sexual Harassment Help HotLine for Women in Film: (855) 943-5463


If you are battling insomnia and you’ve tried everything, perhaps it is time to give CBD a whirl. Studies indicate that CBD is a safe and effective remedy to help sleep-deprived individuals get the zzz’s needed. (Always consult your physician before trying a new substance.)

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Corona Virus, Preventing Dehydration, Garden Sunshine

March 04, 2020

It’s scary. The “novel coronavirus,” or COVID-19, has proven to be a formidable. The death toll mounts as people around the world are becoming infected. Could it become a pandemic? What do you need to know?


You don’t need to feel thirsty to be dehydrated. Dehydration happens rapidly and can lead to serious problems, including stroke and even death. Learn what to do to keep yourself hydrated and healthy.


Spring is still a few weeks away, yet, in California, the hills are alive with blooms and blossoms. Enjoy the sunshine, do a rain dance, and make compost. 


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Laundry List, Senior Scams, Design Secrets

February 26, 2020

We all have to wash our clothes if we are going to go out in society. But we also have to be concerned about the environment we live in, the toxins in cleaning detergents, and other matters. Find out how to do your laundry and still survive on this planet.


Scams are ubiquitous these days for everyone, but seniors are especially targeted. The federal government is stepping in. AARP released info on the most notorious scams and the ways to avoid them. 


Interior designers and building contractors have trade secrets that make our homes more livable, pleasurable, safe, and beautiful. Find out a few tips that you can incorporate in your next DIY project from Cynthia Brian, ASID.


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Branding with Priya Florence Shah, Reframing to Positive, A Rose is a Rose

February 19, 2020

Do you know how to brand yourself or your business? Priya Florence Shah is the author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women. She publishes award-winning blogs like, eBooks, podcasts, online courses, and offers coaching and consulting to help her audience go from Unknown to Well-Known through her Online Branding Agency at Priya chats with Cynthia Brian about how we can all live our best life today. 


Negativity only shows us a warped view of the world. Instead of assuming the worst, wouldn’t you love to see life through rose colored glasses? You have a choice on your reactions. Instead of being stressed, feel the bliss. Minimize your unhappiness with research driven tips from empowerment architect, Cynthia Brian. 


The classic beauty of roses complements traditional and contemporary gardens. Many varieties are marvelously fragrant, repeat flowering, and easy to grow. Roses are the stars of our gardens bringing color, beauty, and pleasure  year after year. 



Priya Florence Shah is the award-winning publisher of, an author, podcaster, and one of the top Digital Marketing Experts in India. Her vision is to inspire and empower Indian women to become financially and emotionally independent.

She won the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra Silver Award - the global civilian honours given by the international confederation of NGO (iCONGO) in partnership with the United Nations to people across the globe for relentless courage. Priya is the author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women. She publishes award-winning blogs like, eBooks, podcasts, online courses, and offers coaching and consulting to help her audience go from Unknown to Well-Known through her Online Branding Agency at Listen to her podcasts at She is listed among the top Social Media Experts to follow, one of the Top Digital Marketing Experts in India to Follow in 2020, and one of the Most Followed Indian Digital Marketers. She enjoys speaking on digital marketing, emotional self-care, and remote work.

She consults to help her audience overcome their limitations, reclaim their power, achieve the freedom they deserve and live their best lives.


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​ St. Valentine, Financial Literacy & Renewal, Love Grows in Gardens

February 12, 2020

Fifty-Four Countries celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 but who was Valentine, why is he a saint, and why do we celebrate love and romance? Hearts, roses, chocolate, flowers, and jewelry are all gifts for loved ones. Want to find out more?


Did you know that a poor credit report can prevent you from getting a job, buying a car, or moving up in life? Being financially literate is critical for everyone. This segment is based on an article by Charles Schwab and offers information that everyone needs to know. 


Life and love began in a garden. Love is not only in the air. Love is growing in your backyard. Discover the benefits of your personalized, organic Love Potion #9 and be blessed with the beauty and seeds of this season.

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Start-Ups, Selling Stuff, Rat Year

February 05, 2020

Trevor Blake, author of SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL STARTUP, built three successful startups and sold them for more than $300 million. He talks with Cynthia Brian about his complete instruction manual that covers everything the budding entrepreneur or existing business owner needs to know to build the career or business of their dreams.


2020 is the Year of the Rat in the Chinese tradition. A Rat Year means new beginnings and renewals, a time for growth and success. Are you ready for more success, money, relationships, and advancements this year? We’ll discuss how to prepare to welcome the wealth.


Are you attempting to downsize, purge, or declutter but your kids don’t want any of your “priceless” heirlooms? Re-sale value for antiques and collectibles has fallen as younger generations are not accumulating or collecting “stuff”. Besides garbage sales, there are a few ways you can still sell your furniture and things. 


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Winter Driving, Surviving Surgery, Goals and Activity

January 29, 2020

Baby, it’s cold outside! The roads are slick with rain and ice, or sometimes covered in snow. do you know how to drive in winter? By following a few driving tips, you’ll stay in your lane and be safe.


Being prepared for a major surgery can be the difference between life and death. People who get their minds and bodies ready to go under anesthesia to endure an operation have better and faster recovery rates. Find out what you can do to pump yourself up. 


Do you feel stuck? It’s time to write simple goals and take small steps. It’s always better to do something, rather than nothing. Network, create a toolbox, and start daily activities, including exercise. 


Cynthia Brian will share tips and tricks as your guide on the side.

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