Cannabis Cures, Autumn Accord, Healing Power of Nature

Cannabis. Marijuana is the news everywhere today, especially for medicinal purposes. Does cannabis help with pain and illness or is it all a hype to get a drug legalized? Find out in Health Matters with Heather Brittany. Autumn is harvest time here in California with the bounty of grapes, walnuts, apples, and pears ripe and ready.The days are shortening, the nights are lengthening, leaves are turning amber, umber, and orange as we herald in the hush before winter. Nature is in harmony as gardens begin to settle in for their long winter’s nap. Let’s take a fall hike with Cynthia Brian The quiet atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and fresh clean air in forests have lead to scientific evidence of t

Who Can You Trust?

“Do not trust the horse, Trojans! Whatever that is, I fear the Greeks, even when bearing gifts.” Zahra Hasanian and Brigitte Jia head up this installment of Express Yourself!™ about trust. Thirteen year old Jack Pawlakos debuts filling in for his older brother Alex in Health Rap relating the importance of the doctor/patient relationship. Cryptozoologist and field investigator for the Centre for Fortean Zoology, Ken Gerhard, lights up the airwaves with his true tales of A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts, including Big Foot, Nessie, and more. Pat Present reporter, Chelsea Pelchat, compares Machiavelli with Richard III as we look at the past to understand today. Book Smart reporter, Maria Wong,

Autumn Marvels

Autumn is the hush before winter. ~French Proverb Having spent autumns in France, I attribute a portion of this year’s love for fall to my past travel experiences of quiet beauty in the yellowing vineyards, the crisp, cool mornings walking through fields sipping a café au lait, and the warming scents of seasoned firewood burning in evening hearths beckoning me to dine on the produce of the day. Autumn is harvest time here in California with the bounty of grapes, walnuts, apples, and pears ripe and ready. The last bushels of tomatoes, corn, eggplant, peppers, and summer squash are making their way to kitchen tables and to outdoor grills as we all enjoy the final hours of sunshine and patio pa

Rockstar Vitamins, Good Deed Gardening, Self-Esteem, Procrastination

Vitamins may be nutritional superheroes but minerals are the rockstars. In Health Matters, Heather Brittany shows you how to get the five essential minerals to supercharge your day. Self-talk is important in all we do. While teaching children and young adults to make positive self-statements can help, psychologists have found that negative self-talk is often behind depression and anxiety. Learn how to boost self-esteem for a happier, brighter future. Gardening is good for you. It rekindles our passions, arouses our senses, and keeps us in shape. Gardening is a terrific activity for maintaining joint flexibility, bone density, range of motion, and most of all quality of life. Cynthia Brian,

Triumphant Times

“The difference between try and triumph is a little ‘umph’.” Asya Gonzalez and Brigitte Jia host a triumphant show bringing us the tools to overcome adversity. The ladies discuss triumph over fears, negative experiences, stress, school, family and friend troubles. In Health Rap, Alex Pawlakos gives us the power to triumph over illness by building a strong immune system through exercise, healthy eating, and plenty of sleep. Our newest reporter is Chelsea Pelchat debuts her segment Past Present focusing on how our past contributes to the experiences of our present and future. Today she discusses her role as the Teen Event Coordinator for Be the Star You Are!®, the struggles and triumphs of le

Safety, Youthfulness, Drought Plants

According to a recent FBI study, daytime crimes accounted for 66% of all burglaries nationally. Do you know how to keep your home and property safe while you are present as well as on vacations? In T42, Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany offer concrete tips based on research that will help you be secure. We live in a youth oriented society. Once over thirty, everyone yearns to be younger. How can we stay young as we age? Surround yourself with love and joy and find out how to be forever young. With the West Coast drought still on high alert, Cynthia Brian visits the Ruth Bancroft Garden for lesson in bold dry gardening. Find out what succulents are easy to grow for the present and for poste

Today with Mike McCoy

Horace wrote “carpe diem quam minimum credula postero” which translates to “seize the day, and believe as little as possible in tomorrow.” Today’s show is all about today-the choices we make, the people we impact, the technology we employ. Hosts Brigitte and Zahra interview a most inspirational guest, former NFL football great Mike McMoy. McCoy’s passion is empowering youth and helping them develop a larger vision for their lives. Mike delivers a faith-based message of hope and encouragement to students that helps them make good decisions, overcome challenges and deal with peer pressure to develop the self-confidence to achieve true success. Faith, family, and friends are critical to happine

September Days

On this day, 9/11, we remember the tragic events of 9/11/2001 and the heroic individuals you gave their lives and their service to protect America. We will never forget. Read our BTSYA September Newsletter: Journeys Abroad - Intern Liz Aguilar in Geneva, Switzerland! Hello everyone, I'm Liz Aguilar - BTSYA's communications intern, Strikingly blog editor, and newsletter creator! My academic journey after a summer at Stanford has taken me to the University of Geneva for this fall semester! The weather has been lovely and meeting new people has been an absolute pleasure. I can't wait to officially start my school seme

Bancroft Dry Gardens

By Cynthia Brian “Who cares if I’m not around? If I don’t plant it, then nobody will get to see it!” Ruth Bancroft Since as long as I can remember I have always said that I wanted to live to be 108 years old. Why I chose that number I have no idea as I had never met anyone who lived to be 108…until this week when I met Ruth Bancroft, creator of the Ruth Bancroft Gardens in Walnut Creek. Ruth turned 108 years young on September 2nd and I was privileged enough to celebrate her birthday with bubbly and her favorite chocolate cake in her masterpiece dry gardens that she began planting in the 1970’s. Ruth’s gardening passion began as a child in Berkeley. When she moved through the tunnel to Walnu

Prevent Diabetes, Zika Warning, Kid Labels

Keep your blood sugar in check with Health Matters tips on boosting your overall wellness when you have Type 2 Diabetes. And if you are Diabetes free, these lifestyle choices could keep you that way! Every child is unique and sometimes parents don’t understand why a child is so different than them. A new study shows that labeling your child, and yourself is helpful to helping a child be successful and happy. Are you plagued by mosquitoes? Have you been bitten by a tick and wonder if you might have Lyme disease? Find out what insects carry what viruses and where the plague is more prevalent. Listen at Voice America Network:

Going into the 18th Year of Be the Star You Are!®

What a special broadcast this is! Who would have thought that in 1998 when Cynthia Brian was in the processing of founding Be the Star You Are!® charity, that this empowerment non-profit would be evolving and going strong in 2016? Be the Star You Are!® volunteers and radio personalities Alex Pawlakos, Asya Gonzalez, Brigitte Jia, Henna Hundal, and Joven Hundal talk about their involvement in BTSYA and how they have become better people because of the opportunities for personal growth offered by the charity and Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio. Alex discusses the health issues surrounding being 18 years old. Asya and Brigitte interview Founder of BTSYA, Cynthia Brian to find out how the non prof

Aspirin Fixes, Leafy Greens, Alice's Garden

with Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® Radio brought to the airwaves under the auspices of Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity, LIVE, since 1998. This hour is fun, informative, and lively. Join us! Aspirin is great for headache relief but it has many other uses that are equally remarkable. In Health Matters, Heather Brittany shares ways this high achieving medication aids you. She’ll also discuss miscellaneous beauty tips. When it comes to superfoods, greens top the list of healthy options. But are you eating summer’s fresh crop of tasty leaves? Cynthia Brian will give you the health benefits and ideas for preparation. Every artist has her or his muse, a

The Gift of Time

Every week, Express Yourself!™ will bring you a stimulating program based on a chapter from our award winning book Be the Star You Are!® for Teens. (! "The greatest gift you can give someone is your time." Brigitte started off the show with another segment of Art Attack, explaining the connection between time and art. It takes time to create a work of art, and that art plays a major role in any piece. Asya and Brigitte then talk about the importance of time management and how to achieve a little organization. New fads are popping up all the time, but staying true to yourself is timeless as Asya and Brigitte discuss the new trends that pop up throughout generati

Alice, the Gardening Artiste

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” Mother Teresa Every artist has her or his muse, a person who inspires, motivates, and encourages creativity. Leonardo had Lisa , Quentin has Uma, Mother Teresa had God, and I credit my mother, Alice, with being my gardening artiste. From the time that I could toddle, I was following her around our expansive gardens planted for both the edibles and the pretties. When she and my dad first moved to their house built at the turn of the 20th century on the 365 acre ranch in the middle of nowhere, it was surrounded by brambles, blackberry bushes, and poison oak. Little by little she painstakingly transformed the prickly jungle into

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